Upcoming events

  • SVMS Basketball@ Home (Larned)- 12/5

  • Orchestra Winter Tour- 12/6

  • SVMS Basketball@ Lyons 12/9

  • SVMS 7/8 Choir/Orchestra/Band Concert-12/10

  • SVMS Basketball @Home (Pratt/Liberty) -12/12

  • SVMS Basketball @Home (Reno Valley) -12/19


The canned food drive has started. Make sure to bring your cans! The classes who make over 1,000 points get the afternoon off and can relax and enjoy a movie and popcorn. Classes with 800-999 points get an ice cream party at the end of the school day. Get Your cans in by 12/9/19!

The Winter Olympics are coming up! Make sure you and your seminar/homeroom teams are ready to take home the gold!

About us

Hello, and welcome to our SVMS journalism website, the SVMS Gazette. Here is a little bit about us and what journalism has to offer and what we exactly do. Our teacher, Mr. Drouillard, put the journalism class in charge of a middle school newspaper in which we decided on the name the SVMS Gazette. This newspaper allowed kids in the building to stay up to date with what is happening around our school and allowed students to have some creativity and be able to express their opinions. Until about October, the newspaper was going great, we just wanted to add something that would be more modern. We decided the best way to modernize our journalism newspaper was to add a website. We took a lot of time creating and designing the website which we now have done and are very excited to introduce you to it, The SVMS Gazzette Website. 


Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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